Jam Tracks also called backing tracks are the most important thing a musician can used to apply ideas to real music situations. Jam Tracks are a crucial ingredient that helps apply scales, arpeggios or anything else to various musical situations. One of the most important activities in learning to play an instrument or improving your ear is applying your newly learned skills to an actual musical situation. In many cases this can be the bridge between the printed page and the real world of music. That’s why Jam Tracks are a must own for anyone studying music.

What ingredients Make a Great Jam Track?

It is of utmost importance that any Jam Track should be played in all 12 keys. This gives you a student the experience of applying a musical idea to any key that might be presented to them in a musical situation.

Jam Tracks should cover various styles so that a student can gain experience working with different genres.

Jam Tracks should sound as much as possible like real music. Preferably a whole band situation like drums, bass and accompanying instruments.

Jam Tracks should cover not only different chord application but also different modal applications to be more like the common situations a musician finds in real music.

Jam Tracks creators should have good key center knowledge so that they create jam tracks that are clearly outlining a specific key center. This is one of the most common mistakes of jam tracks where the author doesn’t have the musicianship or experience to comprehend the exact tonality being created.