Jam Tracks: Learn Music By Playing Music

Learn Music By Playing Music is a very important concept for an improvising musician to ponder.  Many time students work at mastering musical ideas on their instrument but don’t apply those ideas to real music situations.  This can make a musician sound like they are practicing on a gig rather than really expressing deep musical ideas.

For many improvising musicians there aren’t enough creative outlets to help them express the musical thoughts that spring up from their creativity. So to Learn Music by Playing Music becomes a problem. Jam Tracks can really help to give a musician a real musical situation where they can practice and apply the things they have been practicing.

Jam Tracks also help a musician to realize how well they know a musical concept that they are attempting to use.  By playing with Jam Tracks in all keys a musician is able to internalize ideas and find those situations where they have weakness.

Every style of music has its idiosyncrasies and jam tracks help you find problems way before you end up on the bandstand.  Good jam tracks also challenge a musician with different keys, time signatures and styles. Always try to remember that you Learn Music by Playing Music.

There are many different types of Jam Tracks found on this website. I suggest you browse some of the different types of jam tracks here.

The Historic Precedents Of This Kind Of Music Education

You might enjoy checking out the “Music Education Genealogy Chart” located on my artist’s site. You will clearly see the historic progression of pedagogy that is the basis for Muse Eek Publishing Products. Great musicians throughout history have been studying the ideas presented by Muse-eek.com which derives its content from a a lineage that stretches back to Scarlatti!

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