Jam Tracks Volume One

Jam Tracks Volume One

Jam Tracks Volume One

Jam Tracks are important because they create a real musical environment applying scales, arpeggios or anything else.

Jam Tracks Volume One are unique because each jam track is played in all 12 keys. By learning scales and arpeggios in all 12 keys you make sure that there are no holes in your knowledge and ability on your instrument.

One of the most important activities in learning to play an instrument or improving your ear is applying your newly learned skills to an actual musical situation. For many students they can be the bridge between the printed page and the real world of music. That’s why Jam Tracks are a must own for anyone studying music. What makes our Jam Tracks unique is that each track is played in all 12 keys. This gives you 120 Jam Tracks in MP3 format that are ready for any chord sound you need to practice. This download includes Jam Tracks for the following chord types:

  • Major Chord
  • Minor Chord
  • Dominant 7 Chord
  • Dominant 7sus4 Chord
  • Minor 7b5 Chord
  • Diminished 7 Chord
  • Minor Major 7 Chord
  • Major 7#5 Chord
  • Altered Dominant Chord
  • Dominant 7 Altered 5 Natural Chord

Develop your musical ideas and apply your knowledge!

If you look at all the different jam tracks on this website you will see that they cover styles from Jazz to Classical to Heavy Metal. If you have a certain style that you like then you can find a jam track to use. If you also like multiple styles of music then these jam tracks will be exactly what you need.

How to Use Jam Tracks

Wondering how to use the tracks? We’re sure you’ll think of countless ways, but here are just a few possibilities